AbuseShield by NameBlock | Use Case

Here’s a short video showcasing how AbuseShield works in real-life applications to protect your customers’ domains from cyber fraud and malicious actors.

AbuseShield is a powerful tool designed to block variants of domain names commonly used for abusive purposes.

By adding AbuseShield to the checkout flow during domain name purchases, you can protect your customers’ domains from using lookalike domain names malicious attacks, even before they are registered.

In the video, NameBlock demonstrates how AbuseShield generates an Abuse Variant List, which includes domain name variants based on abuse suffixes, homoglyphs, and common misspellings, and blocks up to 500 domain names with the same domain extension as the primary domain registration.

The best thing about AbuseShield is that it doesn’t require a trademark. Your customers can take advantage of this tool to protect their brand online as long as the owner of the block label domain name registration and the AbuseShield block owner is the same.

Don’t miss out on providing your customers with an extra layer of protection.

Visit NameBlock.com or contact me and I’ll be happy to show you how NameBlock decides on what to block, and what NOT to block.

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