About Pinky

Pinky Brand

Hi there. I’m Pinkard Alan Brand. My family, friends and industry associates know me as ‘Pinky’.

For nearly six years, via my consultancy, I’ve been offering the wisdom and connections of my vast experience practicing international B2B strategy and channel development, product marketing, and global sales management to start-up and expansion stage clients, especially those desiring to enter overseas markets.

I co-founded two DNS industry start-ups and sold them both to public companies—one to a Fortune 500 company.

These days I spend most of my time as a consultant working with cross-functional virtual teams in Europe, China and the USA.

I’ve spent years navigating the complexities of establishing, growing, and maintaining a bona fide business presence and selling products in overseas markets amongst an increasing regulatory atmosphere.

It’s not easy. It takes tremendous patience, diplomacy and persistence.

Need some help? Give me a shout.

I also take a lot of pictures and live in Austin, Texas.