Hi there. I’m Pinky.

I’ve been working in the domain name industry since 1996.

I work with the iQ team to spread the good word about our SaaS and consulting services that are primarily designed and operated for the benefit of domain name registries, registrars, and resellers.

I also spend a good chunk of time working on product development, policy, marketing, and business development for NameBlock, the world’s first marketplace for domain name blocking.

I’m fortunate to be involved with killer teams of respected domain, hosting, and SaaS industry veterans located in Norway, Sweden, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, Australia, India, and the USA.

I’ve spent years navigating the complexities of establishing, growing, and maintaining a bona fide business presence and selling products in overseas markets in an increasing regulatory atmosphere.

It’s not easy. It takes tremendous patience, diplomacy, and persistence.

Need some help? Give me a shout.

I also take a lot of pictures and live in Austin, Texas.

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