Welcome to my domain name industry museum!

I aim to make this a collection of memories (some good, and some not so good!) from my incredible journey through the domain industry since 1996. I intend to include old print ads, videos, wacky promos, interesting swag, and other items collected over the years attending way too many industry conferences and meetings in offices in 57+ countries.

This is a work in progress, so keep coming back!

Where It All Started

The evolution: 1996 co-founded Internet Domain Names Inc. > 1998 sold to Network Solutions > 2000 sold to Verisign > 2008 sold to MelbourneIT > 2013 sold to CSC (Internet Domain Names Incorporated) 1996

Domain Business Travel Memories

Here’s a link to a collection of photos over the years, mostly from China for now. I’ll be updating from other experiences and destinations as time permits.

Selling Domain Names In China

China is massive beyond belief. It’s full of incredible contrasts, each day and each hour. It can overwhelm the senses, especially the visual. Ups and downs. Nutty schedules while being jet-lagged. Incredible cuisine and warm people.

So in my former life, I was a TV News photographer, editor, and live field producer. In concert with a client who was launching their TLDs in China, I edited a bunch of video providing a glimpse of what life was like for us on the road in China from 2014 to 2017. There is zero narration. It’s just sights and sounds. Memories.

Not everyone will get this or appreciate it. It might be interesting or flat-out boring. However, if you’ve “been there and done that” I think you’ll understand. 🙂

At the Korean DMZ

Here’s a video I did for dotMobi (mTLD Top Level Domain Limited), the Registry Operator for the .mobi TLD. I was delivering a report from the Korean DMZ overlooking the border with North Korea on mobile phone usage issues in Korea during ICANN 36 in October 2009. A lot has certainly changed since then!

An old video promo

Put this together in 2017 for my own consulting services.

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