Trusted experience and knowledge in the domain name industry.

My consultancy and role at iQ Global AS offer the wisdom and connections of my many years in the domain industry to start-up, expansion stage, and Fortune 500 companies. I leverage my experience with legacy gTLDs, ccTLDs, and new gTLDs, having performed as an entrepreneur, corporate registrar, advisor to registry operators and registrars, and domain investors.

At iQ, our goal is to develop solutions and provide advice that enables registry operators, registry service providers, registrars, hosting providers, and their resellers to be more efficient and to make better business decisions.

We are a team of professionals with extensive domain and hosting services industry experience, including ICANN policy and engagement, registry operations, registrar services, online technology, DevOps, and related services. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we understand the ecosystem, the players, and how technology and data-driven decisions can be used to improve your business.

Offered products and services:
  • Abuse Management – Adopted by 175+ TLDs, RSPs, Leading Registrars, Hosters, Domain Administrators, and SaaS Platforms. 200+ million scans are performed every day and growing. Scans domains for abuse and, through structure, workflow, and automation, provides an efficient way of managing it at scale. (SaaS, JSON REST API)
  • Threat Intelligence – Get notified when you or a customer is a target of malicious activities.
  • Domain Blocking – ***COMING SPRING 2023*** – The world’s first marketplace for domain name blocking.
  • Domain Take Down – Work to take down abusive or infringing domain names.
  • Abuse Stats and Trends – A totally free service to help anyone stay informed on their abuse situation. Get an instant report and then periodically as you specify on any name server, IP address, AS number, TLD, or list of domain names, and share it with anyone.
  • Domain Analytics – Business analytics specifically developed for the needs of gTLD and ccTLD registries (SaaS and API). Incredible campaign tracking and ROI reporting. Revenue and detailed renewal reports, and more. The included API allows for easy integration to your main website, campaign landing page, or other portals.
  • DevOps – Full-stack. Examples of work we have undertaken include registry backend studies, website development, and integrations and business intelligence services. Our staff also has experience in building registry and registrar backend systems, e-commerce platforms, and crawler-type backend software.
  • Consulting Services – Focus on Core Business. Gain Outside Perspective.
    • ICANN policy and compliance management, engagement
    • ICANN Community Engagement
    • Senior Consultancy and Advisory
      • Assist in planning and execution of backend RSP transitions, 
      • Financial business case modeling and advice, including evaluation of backend RSPs for the benefit of the TLD.  
      • Abuse Policy
      • Top-Level Domain Name Policy and Management
      • Technical, Development, and Operations
      • China Business Case Evaluation
    • Applying for, acquiring, or selling a top-level domain (TLD)
      • We’ll help you apply for and get your domain extension during the “2nd Round”
    • Complete Outsourcing of the Management of your TLD
    • Premium Name Consulting Services
      • Premium Names Valuation/Appraisal/Portfolio Pricing
      • Premium Name Websites and Website Integration
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