A Female Perspective on the Domain Industry

Mou Mukherjee is an industry veteran and a friend who is Head of Registry Services at .CLOUD, which is an iQ customer.

I originally approached Mou about doing an interview for the iQ Podcast on the successes and challenges of running a new gTLD registry. At some point during our initial conversation, I recall Mou mentioning her unique experience of “being a woman of color, born in India, raised in Canada, working for an Italian company, and doing business in China.”

That’s when it hit me. “Mou, I think you have an amazing story to tell that will inspire and help others! We should do an interview that speaks to this! (The irony of me being a male suggesting and then conducting this interview is not lost!)

So this interview is a bit of a departure from the usual. We spend the first half of the discussion going through Mou’s early days in the industry, and then her observed successes and challenges of running a registry, etc. The last half is all about her lived experience as a female in the domain industry.

Thank you Mou for opening up the door a bit to your amazing story.

In addition to subscribing and listening wherever you get your podcasts, you can also listen to the interview via the Alexa Home Assistant.

Just say: “Alexa, play iQ Global Podcast, Episode 14.

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