Abuse & Brand Protection Trends in African TLDs

From my post on the iQ blog:

We’re all back from our summer vacations and once again busy producing new video interviews and podcasts with a variety of industry experts for your viewing and listening pleasure in the upcoming weeks and months!

To that end, I spoke recently with Daniel Greenberg, who is the Director, CEO, and Founder of Lexsynergy, a UK-based domain management and online brand protection specialist registrar with additional offices in Ireland, the USA, South Africa, and Australia. Some in our industry refer to such registrars as “corporate registrars.”

I’ve known Daniel and his company for several years, and from conversations at various industry events was aware of their particular expertise in dealing with African TLDs. (e.g. .ml – Mali; .ga – Gabon). As we are receiving abuse reports from our sources for a select group of African TLDs, I thought it would be a good time to catch up with Daniel and get his take on the latest concerning Internet usage, brand and IP protection issues, and abuse in African TLDs.

Just want to listen? Here’s the podcast version:

Abusive Domain Names & Defensive Domain Blocking | Guest: Kevin Kopas iQ Global Podcast

Kevin Kopas, Co-Founder, and COO at ShortDot SA, speaks with Pinky Brand, Senior Vice President at iQ. Kevin tells us a little bit about his journey in the domain business, lessons learned from launching 5 TLDs, and his views on dealing with abusive domain names, including compromised domains, defining "DNS Abuse", the role of stakeholders and trusted notifiers, gathering evidence, standards, etc. From a registry operator user point of view. We also discuss their new ShortBlock defensive domain blocking service that helps protect trademarks and IP, and what it might be like to get back on the road again. Recorded: September 2021
  1. Abusive Domain Names & Defensive Domain Blocking | Guest: Kevin Kopas
  2. Anti-Phishing Working Group | 10 minutes with Peter Cassidy, Co-Founder
  3. Abuse & Brand Protection Trends in African TLDs | Guest: Daniel Greenberg
  4. Premium Domain Names | A .cloud & European perspective | Guest: Shaun Wilkinson
  5. I&JPN Toolkit: DNS Level Action to Address Abuses | Guest: Elizabeth Behsudi

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