RegistryOffice becomes iQ

Introducing you to iQ, our new company name and the umbrella for all our products and services! Our ownership, people and services remain the same.

This is an article originally posted on the iQ blog on August 25, 2020.

RegistryOffice and Abuse Monitor are two services that were born out of a need when our company was the operator of the .global top-level domain. 

Both services have since grown substantially, and last year we chose to let .global go in order to focus on our core services instead. Since then, the company name RegistryOffice has served us well, and many in the domain name industry recognise the company name and the people who work with us. 

However, we have reached a point where the name no longer reflects what we do.   Our customers are no longer limited to registries but also include registrars, resellers, backend providers, brand owners, and domain investors to name a few. 

After much internal discussion and customer feedback, we have started the journey towards rebranding RegistryOffice and our services to be a better fit going forward.

We would like to introduce you to iQ, our new company name and the umbrella for all our products and services! While our name is changing, our ownership, people and services remain the same.

Our new iQ brand stands for Intelligence and Quality in everything we do. 

This journey has only just begun, and the new name and website, is just the first step.  

Our services now have updated names and logos. More details about them will appear soon on our new website.  For example:

iQ Domain Analytics (formerly RegistryOffice Business Intelligence) is our Business Intelligence product for top-level domain name registries.

iQ Abuse Manager (formerly RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor) is our abuse management service where we offer access to curated abuse feeds from the world’s leading sources together with an API and management system, which makes handling abuse cases efficient as possible.  We also provide a fully managed service utilising this tool.

iQ Broker is our super premium domain brokerage service. Our experts have trusted global knowledge and direct experience to assist in selling, acquiring and appraising super premium names. Our first listing,, is currently available for offers. 

iQ Consulting offers our senior staff as consultants to the domain name industry. With over a hundred years of accumulated experience in the domain name business and significant skill in managed abuse, top-level domain name policy making, operations, premium name strategy and system development, we can offer something that not many others can. 

iQ DevOps is where your ideas of a new portal, site, or service can go from vision to completion, developed by us, and operated in the cloud. The service includes access to project managers, visual, system and database designers, full-stack development teams, and high-availability operations experts. 

Again, while our name is changing, our ownership, people and services remain the same. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our existing customers and look forward to welcoming new customers to iQ. 

If you would like more information about this change or our services, please contact anyone in our team directly, or at  Also be sure to follow us on Twitter at or LinkedIn at

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