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PB Photo Home Page Screen ShotI started taking pictures and shooting video when I was 12 years old.

I taught myself and spent most days after school in a darkroom that my dad built, dealing with all those photo chemicals and a very analog process.

I figured out ways to sneak my high-school’s reel-to-reel black and white video equipment home on the weekends. I also worked in a professional darkroom for several years as a teenager and then as a professional video photographer, editor, and live field producer for at Channel 24 KVUE-TV ABC ‘Action News’ in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively (57 countries and counting!) and experience many wonders that our world offers. No matter the landscape, object or subject, I’m always imagining a mood I want to capture, and how I want it to appear in final form, before I snap the shutter on my camera.

Check out my fine art photography project site at pinkybrand.photography or my photography blog at PinkysEye.com

Thanks and enjoy!


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