Announcing iQ Private Domain Brokerage.

Super premium domains only.

I’m pleased to announce a new service that involves myself and colleagues from DNS Global and RegistryOffice. It’s called iQ Private Domain Brokerage. More about our new iQ brand will be shared in the coming weeks in a subsequent post.  For now I’ll focus on our super premium brokerage service that will fall under the iQ brand.

Our brokerage services are reserved for those seeking to acquire a truly exceptional super premium domain name for their business idea, investment, or brand, and have a budget to pay for it. Conversely, if you’re a seller and our appraisal of your asset meets our standards, then we’ll take it on to market and sell.

So why are doing this? 

Well one reason is that we believe the market for buying and selling super premium generic names, especially names with little or no digital history, is set to expand in percentage of total transaction deal flow, and currency value over the coming years. Another is because we desire to leverage our trusted global knowledge, experience and results with those looking to invest or sell.  

We have been highly involved in the domain and hosting industries collectively since 1993. Over the decades we have mostly passed on direct aftermarket opportunities presented to us by buyers and sellers. But we haven’t passed on developing services and tools that address the premium names market. 

For example, at RegistryOffice we have built and continue to operate a full on Premium Name Consulting Service that includes strategy, discovery, appraisal, audits, website integration, design and development services for our registry operator clients. We also have a killer Premium Namespace Management Module in our RegistryOffice Business Intelligence tool that enables registries to build, manage and track lists of premium names from all of their distribution channels.  

So now it comes naturally to introduce our super premium brokerage service, and particularly as one component offering via our new iQ brand that I’ll be posting more on in the coming weeks.  We will keep it simple with our approach and execution. We will only work on an exclusive basis. We will only deal with real authenticated investors and companies. It will keep us focused and our clients happy. 

Mining the right name asset can propel your business idea, investment or brand to the next level of your dreams.

For buyers, we can advise you on deal structure to fit your budget and business plan. For sellers, we can advise on a variety of creative terms and conditions that can leverage multiple opportunities and risk factors. Because we’ve done it ourselves.

We will be very selective. 

To that end we are pleased to exclusively offer this extraordinarily rare super premium 4L one-word generic domain name. It’s a powerful and universal term, recognized in every major language.  It hasn’t been used since August 2018 and has no negative digital history. More next week on this fabulous name!   

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