5 minutes with the new ICANN compliant Abuse Monitoring & Abuse Case Management service

Are you a TLD registry operator looking for an affordable and intuitive ICANN Spec 11.3.b compliant abuse monitoring and case management platform?

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of dealing with abuse related matters and would totally dig the option of having a security expert to handle the whole thing for you?

Take 5 minutes now to watch my video overview of the brand new RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor.

Abuse Monitor consists of two major components:

  1. Abuse Detection. The service must be able to detect threats as they occur and immediately notify you with few or non false positives.
  2. Case Management. When you are notified about malicious activity, how do you make sure you handled it professionally? How do you make sure you don’t forget to follow up a case and keep track of the actions taken? You need a proper CRM or Case Management System for your abuse cases.

Don’t want to deal with the day-to-day stuff? There’s a managed option for a security expert to handle.

It’s built from the bottom up to be as cost efficient as possible, but at the same time provide ICANN Compliance.

The Basic version was developed for .brands and smaller registries that have little to no abuse. The Standard version is best suited for open registries that actively want to combat any and all malicious activities in their zone.

Hit me up if you’re looking for a full-on demo or have questions.

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